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Literacy -


Can an adult write the letters of the alphabet. Can you look and say each sound?

Ask your adult to give you an object/picture of a CV or CVC word. Can you find the beginning sound? Can you find the end sound? Can you write the whole word? How many can you do?

If you are not on letter sounds yet, can you match objects? Match like pictures or real objects, can you match small cup to small cup and big cup to big cup?


CV examples: bow, no, hay, tie, boo, bye, bee day, my

CVC examples: cat, car, pen, pig, fat, fun, ship, dig, Sam

Each child is at a different level so work your way through the tasks and see where they are!



Maths -

Set up your own bear hunt by hiding teddy bears around your house/garden. Ask the children to describe where they could look and where each bear was found. You could extend this into everyday practice by having a bear which "hides" in a different place in the house/garden every night for the children to find.


Topic -

Sensory ideas:

  • Create a sensory bag by pouring a little clear hair gel into a bag and put a laminated picture of Humpty Dumpty inside too, before sealing closed. Stick a cut-out of a wall on to the back of the bag and challenge children to move Humpty on to the wall.
  • Create some frozen, egg-shaped ice cubes. Add drops of food colouring to create different colours and place in a water tray for children to explore as they melt
  • Children could create a papier-mache egg using a balloon, paper and glue. Encourage children to paint the eggs to look like Humpty
  • Cut a picture of Humpty Dumpty into pieces and hide them in a tray of green-coloured rice or shredded paper. Challenge children to find the pieces and put Humpty back together

Try your favourite!