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Hello Children.

It's Fantatic Friday laugh

Here are today's activities.

1. Read your Bug Club and/or your Accelerated reading book.

2. Maths- Addition and Subtraction Columns

3. Literacy- Handwriting

4. Music

2. Mathematics-Addition in Columns (Carrying)


1. Watch the video.


2. Try a worsheet.

3. Literacy-Handwriting


Choose a sheet and practise your handwriting.

4. Music

Our topic is 'Transport from the 1960s', so let's listen to some of the music!


I'd like you to listen a track called, 'God Only Knows' by a very famous band called The Beach Boys. It was released in 1966!




I'd like you to try and sing along with the music. I have attached the lyrics for you to follow.


Enjoy and have fun.  Singing has been proven to improve your mood and help you feel good! As you know, I love singing!