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Hello children. It's Fantastic Friday laugh

Here are today's activities.

1. Read your Bug Club reading book. Try a phonic game that's on your Bug Club page.

2. Maths- Activity Mat

3. Literacy- Australia Topic Link-Picture Description.

4. SCience- The Science of Sound Experiment and Games

2. Maths Activity Mat


3. Literacy-Australia Topic Link-Part of the Party Picture Description


1. Look at the Part of the Party' picture.


2. Talk to a grown up about what you see. Describe what you see uing adjectives to decribe shape, size and colour.


I can see a small, thin lime-green lizard.


3. With the help of an adult say a descriptive sentence for your grown-up to write.


4. Underneath the sentence that your grown-up has written have a go at copying it.

Remember your capital letters, fullstops and finger spaces.

4. Science-The Science of Sound-Experiment


1. Watch the Video and PPT (Powerpoint)


2. Try out this experiment.