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Literacy -

Double my shoe oracy!

The girls only had one slipper each! Look in your wardrobe or wherever you keep your shoes? how many double/pairs can you find?

Talking Together

Explore the shoes in your house.They all should be in pairs! Who has the biggest feet?

Who has the longest feet? Is this the same?

Can you put your pairs of shoes in order of size?

Can you make your own shoe shop?

How much would different shoes cost?



Maths -


A different kind of number line!

Make number tracks with princess Mirror-Belle's last cure for the dragon pox!

Talking Together

You will need………

Toilet roll/piece of paper


Knowledge of your numbers!

Choose to do a number track to 10 or to 20.

You can copy these or stick numbers on if that’s a little tricky.



Once you have your number track use it to go and see what else around your house is 10 or 20 sheets long.

Are you 20 sheets tall?

Take this further. Rip your sheets into ones and muddle them up! Can you put them in the correct order? Make a specific mistake and see if your grown ups can tell you where it is?

Sensory /fine motor / playing skills:


Bath time!

The first thing the Princess does to find a cure is to run a bath! How long does it take to run your bath?

Explore full and half full!

What containers could you use?


Talking Together

You might not want to use the bath like Mirror-Belle.

You could try the sink and experiment how many of each different containers it takes to fill it.

Which do you think will be the quickest? Why? Will you need more pours of that container if it is bigger or smaller?

Happy splashing! Just don’t do what Mirror-Belle did! yes