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It's fantastic Friday ! I hope that you've had a lovely week.

Here are today's activities for you to try with the help of a grown-up smiley.

1. Read your Bug Club and/or Accelerated Reading book.

2. Try the 'Phonic Games' I've put on your Bug Club page.

3. Maths-Time

4. Literacy- Re-write parts of the Lion and the Mouse story.

5. Science - Phases of Moon


Maths-Telling the Time

Literacy- The Lion and the Mouse

I'd like you to re--write parts of the story that we've been looking at this week (Tuesday's work 12.05.2020).


Remember to use:

- Speech marks ("   ")

- Punctuation (. ,  !  ?) (See Wednesdy's leson 13.05.2020)

- Capital letters (M.I.N.D.S) (Months; I;  Names; Days; Sentences)

- Nouns (names)

- Verbs (action words)

- Adverbs (describing action)

- Adjectives

- Similes (as a; like a)