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Literacy -


Snail Danger!

Anywhere the snail went there were dangers and problems. Look at each page and find them.

Talking Together

The snail was very brave.

Look at each page and see if you can find how many problems or dangers he might come across.

Draw them and write a list in your home learning book or just tell your grown up.

Could you make a numbered list? which do you think was his biggest problem?


Maths -

Talking Together

Odds and evens –use a ten frame to help you if you want. Remember the numbers are even if they can be shared equally between two groups.


 An example of a 10 frame. Your child uses these daily.


You could even use plates and see if the number could share between 2 plates.


Talking Together

Follow the snail on his journey. Is he on an odd or even number of friends?

Sensory/ fine motor/ playing skills:


1. Making Straw Jewellery

Fun for little fingers! This is another activity that your children enjoyed. When they are done, they will have colourful pasta jewellery to wear and incorporate into pretend play


2. Woven Paper Place mats

Little hands get quite the workout as they weave paper under and over to create a pretty place mat. You can laminate these when they are done and use them for meals.