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Literacy -

Singing time! Now, I know you all love to sing! yes

I know a song describing worms!

A fun way to remember the terms of length and size and ordinal numbers! Have a go, remember I may hear you if you are really loud! OR ask your adult to sing it to you!


Yucky worms!

Nobody likes me,

Everybody hates me,

I think I'm going to go and eat worms!

Long, thin, slimy ones,

Short, fat, juicy ones,

Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy, wuzzyworms.

Down goes the first one,

Down goes the second one,

Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

Up comes the first one,

Up comes the second one,

Oh how they wiggle and squirm!



Maths -


Exploring Length

Get together your own collection of worms ( with paper, playdough, string, wool etc) and see if you can cut them to different lengths. Talk about the lengths and even measure with a ruler or tape measure.

Talking Together

Of course we are not going to cut real worms!

Grown ups cook some spaghetti until almost cooked and then rinse under cold water. You can add food colouring to make them any colour you want if you want fancy worms!

You now have ready made worms to cut.

Can you order them in length? What is your longest worm as long as in your house? What is your shortest worm as long as?


Sensory / fine motor skills:


1. Talking Together

You will need two people and some long wool/thread or string.

Cut your string into worm sized pieces (not too short)

Hide worms around the house.

The game 3 2 1 go ………

Set off hunting for bits of worm and come back to the same place. Tie your pieces together.

The winner is the person with the longest worm!

To make it harder use 2 colours of string and you have to find your own colour.

If you struggle to tie knots use some sticky tape!


2. Lego Boats – Of course you can get Lego sets with actual Lego boats in them, but it can also be fun to make your own and see what makes them float and what makes them sink.