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Literacy -


Days of the week and life cycles.

We should be getting good at our days of the week now with our special song. What day did the Hungry caterpillar come out of the egg? Can you make a plan of your week this week - with drawings/writing/mark making?

What did you do yesterday? What do you plan for tomorrow?


Could you make your own story of the Hungry Caterpillar? Think about the stages he goes through.


Maths -

Making Caterpillars!

Make your own playdough caterpillars. Look at comparing length and size.

Talking Together

Once you have made your dough (Or alternatively use plasticine or anything else squidgy!) Roll out balls of dough to make caterpillars. Or roll long sausage like shapes. Look at comparing length. Which are your caterpillars the same length as? Can you make the caterpillar 5 balls long? Which one longer/shorter?


A fun task for the week!