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English (LLC)

Draw the pictures and write the (CVC/CCVC) words.

Tricky word of the day...  was.  Copy the word 'was' three times and then try writing it again without looking.


Write a sentence with the word 'was'.  Don't forget to use a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence, leave spaces between the words and put a full stop at the end.

How to write a simple sentence

Watch the PowerPoint: Simple Sentence Writing.


Go through this PowerPoint with a grown up and work through what makes a sentence.  Talk through the examples and finish off the sentences.  Choose one of the pictures and draw this in your book, write a sentence about your picture underneath.  


Remember your sentence must include the following:


  • A capital letter at the start of the sentence.
  • Spaces between each of the words.
  • A full stop at the end of the sentence.
  • The sentence must make sense.


Try your best to make your letters neat, correctly formed and sitting on the lines.