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Dear children,

I am writing because many of you now have to stay at home to keep everyone safe. Your school adult will still carry on thinking about you every day. We will laugh at funny things you have done and will wonder if you are still getter better with your sounds and handwriting. We will hope you are doing the very important job of washing your hands.

We will carry on planning learning activities for you to do.

I want to tell you some important things:

  • Don't be scared, you may hear some things that you are worried about, but these are not worries for you. Tell someone about your worry and let them look after it for you.
  • The children who are coming to school right now are no more special than you. We are looking after them for a while because their Mum's and Dad's are doing really important jobs.
  • There is some good news happening . the environment is getting a rest, people are talking to each other and offering help to others.
  • Even though you are missing some school, you can still learn and try your best at everything you do. You are a very special bunch of children!

Keep singing, playing, making, drawing, writing, problem-solving and learning about our amazing work. We are having an adventure and we need to be brave!


Take care and keep safe,

Miss Bradshaw


Ps all grown ups have your new IEP targets, so try to work on those.



Start each day with some exercise!


Timetable ideas