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22/6/20 - Windrush Day! smiley


Today marks the second ever WINDRUSH DAY, a day which commemorates the Windrush generation and their legacy. It's a fairly new celebration, which only started in 2018.


But what does "Windrush" mean?

The day started in 2018 and falls on the anniversary of the ship the EMPIRE WINDRUSH arriving in Tilbury Docks, London from the Caribbean in 1948 bringing hundreds of people to help rebuild the UK after World War II.

But many were met with hostility and intolerance when they arrived. Many were treated very unfairly in the years that followed.


What is the "Windrush Scandal?"

The children on the Windrush came on their parents' passports, so many years later they did not have the papers to prove they could legally stay in the UK. Their landing cards had been destroyed. This caused huge problems for them. Some were sent back to a country they hardly knew, some couldn't access their legal rights and benefits. The government has admitted this was very wrong and are trying to put it right.


Today we show our gratitude and respect to the people of Windrush.heart


We will show this by learning about it! yes smiley


enlightenedWatch this Newsround video 'What is the Windrush Generation?':


enlightenedWatch this Newsround video 'Finding My Family, Windrush, A Newsround Special':



laughListen to this song by Desmond Dekker 'You Can Get it if You Really Want':


Some councils are encouraging people to show that we stand together by singing it at 10.27am today to commemorate the 1,027 passengers on board the Windrush when it docked in 1948. We can join in by singing along too. I've attached the lyrics for you!







LYRICS TO SING ALONG! 'You Can Get it if You Really Want'

16/6/20 - BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition Results.

Remember some of you entered this?  laugh You can see who won and listen to the winning stories here:


12/6/20 - Michael Rosen is recovering from Coronavirus!




Our Author of the Month when Lockdown started, Michael Rosen, spent 47 days in Intensive Care with Covid-19. surprise I've been following his wife on Twitter and checking if there's news every day. I didn't want to tell you that he was very, very ill. crying

In the past few days though, he has left hospital to go to a rehabilitation centre and is making an excellent recovery! laugh Yesterday he returned to Twitter! This is such happy news. laugh I wonder if he will write about his experience. Read more here:



8/6/20 - Virtual NSPCC assembly, hosted by Ant & Dec and David Walliams!


The NSPCC would usually be visiting schools, encouraging children to 'speak out, stay safe' but lockdown has put a stop to that!

Instead, they have produced a VIRTUAL assembly for you all to watch...


It’s great fun to be able to host the NSPCC’s virtual assembly for children and their families, especially as this one carries such an important message – that every child can turn to someone when times are tough.

– Ant McPartlin

We believe it’s vitally important that all children know what to do if they have any concerns, particularly now, and we feel very honoured to be supporting the NSPCC with this.

– Declan Donnelly




Childline is open from 9am - midnight and is FREE and confidential.



1/6/20 - The Ickabog - J.K. Rowling's NEW BOOK! laugh



The Ickabog is a story J.K. Rowling wrote for her own children, but she's decided to release it to the public because of Lockdown! laughheart She's publishing it a part at a time, over seven weeks, on its own website:


Also, there's a COMPETITION inviting readers to have the opportunity to illustrate the actual Ickabog book when it's published in the Autumn! surprise yes As well as your illustration appearing in the book, you also win £500 of book vouchers for your school! surprise laugh






We love a competition! What have you got to lose? smiley








8/5/20 - The Bears celebrate VE Day! They were very keen to put some bunting up. Barry was a bit silly with the ladder, so went on a yellow card for a while unfortunately. Meredith and Christina held the ladder very sensibly, so were rewarded with the leftover icing when the bears made VE Day fairy cakes!

4/5/20 - VE Day on Friday 8th May!



VE Day 75

8th May is VE Day and this year is special, as it's the 75th anniversary of VE Day, so there will be lots of celebrations!

VE Day  - Victory in Europe Day - marks the day towards the end of World War 2 when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end, following Germany's surrender. At 3pm on 8th May 1945 the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, made a speech on the radio and the celebrations began! Huge crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace to cheer as King George VI and his family - including Princess Elizabeth, our queen now - came out onto the balcony to greet everybody.


Look at the links below to learn more about VE Day. smiley yes


I've also attached a Powerpoint for you to read through. yes


There is a wordsearch for you and some bunting to print and colour to decorate your house or street if you're having a VE Day (socially distanced) party! laugh

28/4/20 - OCADO Design a van competition - We love a competition! heart laugh


The online supermarket 'Ocado' are calling all awesome artists to think of a new design for the side of their delivery vans.

The winners will see their design on the side of vans and win £500 for their school! yes laugh

Have a go! You've got to be in it to win it, remember!


The link with all the entry information is here yes ...




12/4/20 HAPPY EASTER CAREW FAMILIES! The bears were thrilled that the Easter Bunny came and the reading buddies had an egg hunt!

11/4/20 The bears have fun in the sunshine on Easter weekend!

3/4/20 - Thank you messages for bin collectors! laugh

People in Cardiff have been leaving 'Thank you!' messages on their bins to thank the bin collectors for still doing their work during the coronavirus lockdown. heart Bin collection is hugely important, as it causes many problems if there is lots of rubbish left on our streets. People want to show how grateful they are that their bins are still being collected and how much they appreciate the vital work the bin collectors do. smiley

We always try to make our work tasks relevant and real and we know how important it is to show kindness, so you KNOW what I'm going to say! laughenlightened


Let's do it for Caerphilly bin collectors! laugh yes




Your grown-up will know to wear gloves and wash their hands super thoroughly.yes


Read the news article below to find out

2/4/20 - Hunting for teddy bears! smiley

A huge teddy bear hunt is going on around the world so we can have some fun during our exercise time! Inspired by our "Author of the Month" Michael Rosen's book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' people are placing teddy bears in their windows for children to spot while out walking.yes heart


We LOVE a teddy in dosbarth Carew! heart Let's do it! laugh Put a teddy in your window! It doesn't have to be a bear, it can be ANY cuddly.


Maurice, Barry, Robin and the reading buddies ALL want to take part so they'll have to take turns! wink 

Click on the news articles below to find out more... yes

1/4/20 - SO many flowers! I wanted to show you all.

30/3/20 Dear me. Barry is on a yellow card today! He thought he could play on the X Box instead of doing his school work. He's trying to get back onto green and will be allowed back on IF he does a little bit of Maths & Literacy!

27/3/20 A COMPETITION for the weekend for all Wallace & Gromit fans! laugh


Wallace & Gromit Cracking Ideas Competitionenlightened


Get your thinking caps on! Aardman Animations need you to have a look at the world around you. Imagine a cracking idea that can help get mundane jobs done quicker, better and most importantly from the comfort of a warm armchair! wink


Go to the link below for details... Competition closes 24th April.

27/3/20 This is great yes - FIRST NEWS, the children's newspaper, are offering a FREE digital download of each week's paper during school closures! laugh


Get yours here:

26/3/20  I am really missing contact with you all so have set you another 2DO on Purple Mash!

I want to hear all about your week so far. I love seeing your pictures and I can write a message back. laugh Can you show off and include a variety of punctuation and some adventurous adjectives and adverbs too? I bet you can!

Five children (so far) have completed Wednesday's 2DO and it was LOVELY to receive them! smiley I've set both 2DOs for a few days, so complete them whenever you have time.

The Reading Buddies, Maurice, Barry, Robin and myself all miss you very much. We hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Mrs Bounds laugh

25/3/20 Our class plants miss the care of A and M, but I'm looking after them and they're happy!

Unfortunately, Maurice had to go on a yellow card today for not settling down to do his school work. Disappointing, but I'm sure he'll stay on green tomorrow!

24/3/20 Robin and Barry made their rainbow together today!

During the last week in school, D & F made a super presentation about our bears that they'd like to share!

23/3/20 The boys enjoyed a very hot, soapy "jacuzzi" on Friday evening!

All our Reading Buddies went in the "jacuzzi" too and dried happily on the radiators!