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Hello everyone,


For your information...


Morning nursery session begins at 9.00 and ends at 11.30.


Children can bring in a water bottle and 1 snack; a piece of fruit or a cereal bar (must NOT contain nuts) or a Babybel & crackers. Children will also have a carton of milk.


Please can you write your child's name on any items brought into school. This will encourage independence skills and prevent any confusion as the children settle into the nursery setting.


If you have any questions please send using Teacher2parents text service.


Thank you


Mrs Postians 

Nursery teacher

Home Activities Spring Term 2022

Here a is little story for the little ones explaining about the Coronavirus if you need it. Please don’t feel like you have to read it only if you wanted support talking to the children about it.

On the school website under 'Cymraeg' and Nursery  there are some lovely welsh books and songs to follow. The children will be used to some of them. Have a go and enjoy!


Here are some Welsh songs to sing along too

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