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Morning everyone!


I saw some wonderful work yesterday, well done to all that completed the activities.

I can't wait to see todays activities.


1. 'Size Hunt' Today we are going to be looking at big and small. Can you find one object from around your house. Once found that object, talk about it. Then go and hunt for a different object that is bigger/smaller than the first object you brought back. Have you found a bigger or smaller object? Repeat with different objects. Make sure you are using big/bigger/small/smaller words during activity. 🌟 Challenge - Find 3 different objects and order from the smallest.


2. Welsh Singing - Sing along to our favourite Welsh nursery song. Can you sing along and add the actions?


3.'The Body Coach' has a session on at 9am this morning. Can you follow him and do your daily exercise? I will be joining along too!


Have fun Miss Harris