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29th January 2021

 Friday's Activities



I hope you are all enjoying the activities so far.


 Today's activities 


  1- Sing the number song from yesterday again. can you remember the numbers. 

      Using the number cards you made on Thursday - ask an adult to hide them around your house- can you find them all. 


 2- Happy/Sad face

       Look in the mirror again - can you make a happy face/sad face. what happens to your face when you change facial expressions. 

      Using materials you can find inside and outside can you make a happy and sad face?


 3 - Practise putting your coat on and off by yourself ready for when you start school. 

There are a couple of ways to do this, try the different ways and find the best way for you. 



   Have fun, Have a lovely week and stay safe. 


Miss Harris