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28th January 2021

Thursday's Activities


1- Sing along to the number song below. Using the number cards you made yesterday can you pick up the correct number when singing along to the song. 

 - Put the number cards starting from 0.



2 -  Talk about your favourite colour - 

      What is it? How does it make you feel?

      Using your favourite colour can you draw a picture with it? talk about your picture to an adult. 


 3 - Look in a mirror ( be safe in completing this activity)

      What can you see? Who is in the mirror? What colours can you see - hair/eyes? How many eyes/nose/ears can you count?

      Put your favourite teddy in the mirror and talk about what you can see?


 Remember have a go at the different activities - please dont feel you have to do them all. Chose the ones which your child shows an interest in.


Miss Harris 

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