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Activity 1

Go on a walk around your house, garden and listen for different sounds. 

What can you hear? birds? washing machine?  television?


Using paper or Ipad, draw all the objects you heard on your sound walk. can you remember everything?



Activity 2
This week we are looking at number 1. look through magazines, books can you spot number 1? how many can you find?

Adult - ask you child to find 1 object from the house? Can you bring me 1 red block? Find 1 blue car? etc

Practise writing number 1 using chalk, paint, water, pencils using the rhyme below to help you.



Activity 3

Play hide and seek.

With an adult, take turns to play hide and seek. If you are on, count to 10 then go and find the hidden person. Where were they hiding - UNDER, BEHIND, ON TOP, TO THE SIDE? (Encourage the use of those words)


 Have fun!

Cant wait to hear about all your exciting activities

Miss Harris