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Todays Activities 

1. 10 Little Elves
   -   Listen to the song
   -   Sing along with the numbers. 
   - With a grown up can you make 10 little elves, hide them around them your house. Can you find all 10 elves?  
🌟Challenge - number your elves 1-10, hide them around your house again can you find the elves in order?


2. Play Elf I-spy
   Make yourself an Elf hat and play Elf Ispy. 
                        'I'm a little elf I can see something that is ..........' 
Start with their favourite toys, then colours.
🌟Challenge  - begin to use sounds. 


3.  Let's be elves and go on a adventure.
Can you follow the instructions and complete Level 1 of the adventure. Good Luck
🌟 Challenge - complete level 2 and 3.
Miss Harris