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Finding Durations of Time



I'm not sure about you, but I had a fantastic time on our adventure yesterday, to the Isle of Blowyernose!! The Flumflum Tree was very different to what I had imagined it to be, but the fruit from the tree sure did look delicious, I wonder what it would taste like?


What was your favourite part of the story?

My favourite part was when the cheeky monkey from the Isle of Blowyernose began to play the TomTom drum, he sure did look like he was having lot's of fun!


I would like you to listen to the story once more to remind yourself of the main events.


Can you remember each of the different problems Jack and his friends faced on their adventure? How did they overcome these issues? 


Thank goodness for Jack's Grannny, if she hadn't of packed the large patchwork sack full of those useful items then they never would have been able to make it to the Flumflum Tree and get the fruit to cure Granny's moozles. 



I want you all to use those fantastic imaginations each and everyone of you have to complete today's tasks!


I want you to replace each of the objects that Granny packed in the patchwork sack, with seaside items. Your seaside items could include; seashells, sea creatures, seaweed, rocks, bucket and space, stick of rock, ice cream, seagulls, sun umbrella, deck chairs, windbreaks, towels etc.


Granny's Items

  • chewing gum - filled the holes in the boat made by the sharks.
  • wooden spoons - to play the TomTom drum with.
  • porridge bowl - to bail out the water from the boat.
  • red and blue balloons - used to distract the sharks away from the boat.
  • tent pegs - to climb the Flumflum tree as it had no branches.
  • TomTom drum - to dsitract the monkey.
  • 3 spotty handkerchiefs - to blow your nose.
  • Granny's old skipping rope - to save Stu when he fell off the boat.

Replace these 8 items with objects from the seaside.


Task 1.

Draw pictures of your 8 seaside items and label them.


Task 2.
Write adjectives to describe them.


Task 3.

What problem will each of the items solve? Write a short sentence to explain. 



  • Stick of rock.
  • Red and white stripes. Hard and crunchy.
  • I will use the red and white stripey stick of rock to distract the sharks away from the boat. The sharks will bite through the hard, crunchy rock with their sharp teeth instead of biting the boat.


We have made it to halfway through the week! Hurray!! 


Now let's get creative!!


I have provided you with a choice of three tasks to complete. You can choose which one you would prefer to do or if you're feeling adventurous, why not give all three a go. 


Task 1 - Design Technology

Can you make a 3D model of the boat from the story using junk modelling material?


  • Draw out your design.
  • Make a list of materials you need.
  • Get building.
  • Test your boat to see if it will float on water. If it doesn't float, what changes can you make to your design?


Task 2 - Art

Imagine a new type of tree that nobody has ever seen before, just like the Flumflum Tree. Can you create a picture of it?


  • Sketch out your design.
  • Decide what materials you are going to use to add colour and texture. Pens, pencils, paint, collage?
  • Can you write a short sentence to describe what is special about your tree? Does it grow fruits that have special healing powers? Does money grow from your tree?


Task 3 - Music

Compose a tune that the children could use to stop the monkey from stealing the flumflum fruit?


  • Remember back to our music lessons with Mr Lush when you all composed your own music using; tea, coffee, cappuccino. 
  • Compose your tune, writing down the musical notes.
  • What instrument will you play your tune on? 
  • Can you perform your tune?


Have a fun and creative afternoon!



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