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Activity 1

Read the story "The Messy Magpie" at least twice.  Use all your reading skills.  Look at the pictures and talk to an adult describing what you can see.  


Activity 2

Re-read the book from yesterday.  Choose the comprehension task and complete. Don't forget the answers are in the story.  Self-mark your answers.


Activity 3

Complete the symmetrical pictures of the characters from the book.  


Activity 4

Practice your tables.  Complete the different multiplication sums and find the colour code.  Colour the picture to complete a picture of one of the animals from the book.


Activity 5

Go and breathe in some fresh air.  Go for a lovely nature walk and collect leaves.  Choose different sizes, shapes and colours.  Read the instructions and follow the simple steps to create your own leaf necklace.


Activity 6

Cut and sort.  Look at the different pictures and sort them into the correct bins.  Recycling is so important.  Talk to your adult about why you think it is important to recycle.


Activity 7

Help your adult to recycle in your home.  Use bags or your bins and help to recycle all your household waste, e.g. tin of beans, shampoo bottle, bread etc.  Draw the different bins and draw and label what you recycle in a week in your home.  Count them up.  By doing this you are helping all the animals and the planet.


Activity 8

Choose one of the characters from the book and draw the animal.  Follow the guides on how to draw your favourite animal.