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Bore da pawb! 


I hope you are all feeling refreshed this Monday morning after a long weekend. I hope you all had lot's of fun in the sun, celebrating VE Day.


Last week you started to look at telling the time, we are going to continue learning how to tell the time this week, but before we move onto anything new, I would like you all to practise the skills you learnt last week.


There are two different sheets to be completed, to help your children develop their understanding of telling the time to five minutes, including quarter past and quarter to the hour. The activities provided give children the chance to practise writing the time and reading, then drawing the time on clocks. 


Sheet 1: - Focuses on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 

Sheet 2: Focuses on telling time in 5 minute intervals.


Additional Activity: 

Use the cut-out template to make an interactive clock face with moving hands.

This is a wonderful resource to help your child learn to tell the time from an analogue clock, and can be used for a variety of activities.For instance, you may like to try calling out times and have them show you the correct time on their clock face template.



Hello Cyfartha!

This week we are returning to our Seaside/Ocean topic so to start us all off...

Today's task is a reading activity on Sun, Sea and Beach Safety. Carefully read the fact files and answers the questions based on what you have read. Remember to take your time when reading the fact files and use your skimming and scanning skills to find the answers within the text.


Note to Parents:
The fact files and questions have been differentiated 3 ways, chose the appropriate level for your child based on their reading skills. 


This will give you an indicator of what level activity to complete based on their Bug Club reading books.

1 star - red, yellow and blue.

2 stars - green, orange and turquoise.

3 stars - purple, gold, white and lime


Answers for the questions have been included.




Our topic lesson is linked to today's Literacy lesson on  Sun, Sea and Beach Safety. 


Take a look through the Sun, Sea and Beach Safety PowerPoint to remind yourself on what you have learnt this morning. 



Create a safety poster on 'How to Keep Safe at the Seaside'.


You can create your poster on plain paper or on the computer, the choice is yours!


You don't have to include everything that you may have learnt, you may want to focus on one area such as the flags found on beaches and what they mean. 


Tips for creating a fabulous poster:

1. Make your poster colourful and bold.

2. An eye catching layout. Remember the title of your poster doesn't have to be at the top of the page.

3. Include short/snappy sentences or phrases.

4. A catchy slogan - something people will remember.

5. Attention grabbing pictures or photographs. 

6. A final reminder of the message - to keep safe.


Additional Activity:

Beach Safety crossword.