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Activity 1

  • Read the short story The Giant Jumperee and complete the 60 second reading comprehension. Then complete the writing task, writing a short sentence for each picture.

Activity 2

  • Wassily Kandinsky was a Russuian artist who was famous for painting his Kandinsky circles. Kandinsky liked to paint cirlces, one inside the other, into squares and then colour them. Can you imitate Kandinsky’s paintings by drawing your circles inside the squares and colouring them? Remember that the circles need to be one inside the other.


Activity 3

  • All About Me writing booklet. Can you draw and colour each of the activities to create a book all about yourself?


Activity 4

  • Mystery in the Palace Kitchen. Practise your place value knowledge by solving the mystery. Can you solve each clue to help work out who nibbled the legs off the gingerbread men in the palace bakery? This activity uses simple language to help children work independently, although this is also ideal for guided work, group work or as a homework activity.


Activity 5

  • Use these Joe Wicks: Active-8 Minute Workout cards and get exercising. 


Activity 6

  • Handwriting practise using the booklet. 
  • Use this fantastic activity booklet to embed early handwriting skills with a fun summer twist. Containing pencil control and letter formation activities in a cursive font, alongside opportunities for consolidation and application, this is the perfect home learning activity booklet for maintaining and improving handwriting.


Activity 7

  • How can you be kind to yourself? Write down as many ideas as possible about how you can be kind to yourself. 


Activity 8

  • Awe and Wonder Science Activity. Can you make a parachute using a plastic bag?
PSE Activity 6/7/20