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Plan for a  VE day celebration party or picnic in your home on Friday.  As part of the planning I would like you to plan and write an invitation.  Remember you are inviting your family who live with you to the party or picnic at your home.


1. Look at the examples of party invitations for ideas.

2. You could draw soldiers, aeroplanes, bunting, medals, some of the foods you will eat. 

Note to parents -  Look back at the power points from previous lessons so that your child can look at the photos and use them to draw.

3. Make your invitation clear, bold,  and bright.

4. You can draw and write the invite or use Purple Mash to create your invite.laugh


Topic - Wednesday and Thursday


Can you make some bunting to decorate the room or garden for your VE party?

Can you make a Union Jack flag?

Can you make medals?

What other ways would you like to decorate the space for the party? I bet you have some brilliant ideas!enlightenedyes

Be as creative as you like! Remember the colours to use are red, blue and white.